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The brand

La Marca

Jossy Quezada, is my personal name and brand, which since 2013 I have launched to the national market to offer solutions in wedding planning and events for people who seek and want an adequate job of planning, execution and control in this type of activities; No complications, worries, or stress, in order to only enjoy their happiness, which is what they value most. 


To date, I have been meeting the needs of more than X clients who have been able to experience and check the quality of my services, which is mostly publicized by recommendation. 


I am an enterprising Peruvian, professional translator and interpreter of languages ​​with more than 20 years of experience, who has dabbled and made a space in the competitive market of events for 7 years. Time, in which we have realized the realization of X events; being the achievement of the activity and the satisfaction of the same, as well as the testimony of the clients, the best letter of presentation that shows my work. 

Personal culture

Cultura personal



To offer an advisory service in the organization of weddings and personalized and quality events to each of the clients that need it, enjoying a worry-free experience with maximum satisfaction. 



Be the solution for the organization of weddings and events more required, recognized and admired. 


  • Passion for Excellence. 

  • Creativity. 

  • Experience. 

  • Commitment. 

  • Integrity. 

Work formula 

The testimonies and recommendations of successful events + the experience acquired + a professional team that transmits confidence and security + a correct and detailed strategic planning = results in... 

Customers with 0% of concerns, who enjoy a 100% successful event, with 100% quality, achieving 100% satisfaction for the service provided and generated 100% of recommendations that improve our image and reputation as a brand in the organization market of weddings and events. 


We have a trusted staff, made up of a team of professionals with experience in organizing events and strategic allies (specialists in this area), we work together to provide our customers with personalized attention, making the experience of your wedding or event is unique and unforgettable. 


The passion for what we do, our professionalism and quality service, have made us part of the 201X of one of the most important and recognized communities of event organizers, the BELIEF WEDDING PLANNERS, being considered as INTERNATIONAL MEMBER. So, how to count in 2017 and 2018, with the ZIWA prize awarded in the WEDDING PLANNER category to the best event organizers at an international level. Acknowledgments that added to the testimonies of our satisfied customers, are clear evidence that the best of our work. 

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